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My Poems & drawings

Here are some of my poems and drawings , I did not realise I had so many so please be patient and look through them all you will surely find something you like , enjoy :)

The sun fades fast
The sky turns black
Warmth and love
Do we few lack
We're always there
We give our all
Till drained of life
Our spirits fall

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hearthome Post time 2006-11-21 19:55:16

The sun fades fast............. and rises again........
The sky turns black ........... and turns bright .......
Warmth and love    .............sadness and sorrow.......
Do we few lack       ............. Can we stop............  
We're always there ............. we're always here........
We give our all       .............. we try our efforts.....
Till drained of life                 Till the end of life.....
Our spirits fall                       Our spirits last forever......

Haaaaaaaa........ spook........... hope it doesn't spoil ur poem ........ :victory::handshake:lol:D:)

cyberspook Post time 2006-11-21 19:56:07

and here is another one.

Stone Cold Heart

My head it spins the ground it shakes
This has to be my worst mistake
To find a love as bright as day
Then turn my head and walk away
So am I selfish or insane
Or is my foolish pride to blame
I’ll show the world my stone cold heart
And tell them all I can’t be hurt
Ice cold blood runs through my veins
Yet still I know the taste of pain
I thought my walls were there to stay
But one by one you tore away
Too many now I see were there
Through selfish pride I did not care
So up they go built nice and high
At least this time no one will try
I have no heart no sole to take
I cannot love so I’ll learn to hate
Alone I am alone I’ll stay
A loner now I’ll start today

hearthome Post time 2006-11-21 20:13:04

spook...............   seems you are so sentimental and nostalgical ........
Is it a typical attribute of a poet ? :o:o:o

cyberspook Post time 2006-11-21 20:24:30

Originally posted by hearthome at 21/11/2006 10:13 PM
spook...............   seems you are so sentimental and nostalgical ........
Is it a typical attribute of a poet ? :o:o:o

I don't know heart , but I think it has something to do with writing about strong feelings, these type of feelings are strong in me and I seem to be able to verbalise them.

I do have a poem that I wrote about my car if your interested :)

hearthome Post time 2006-11-21 20:25:56

about your car ? so interesting .....  show us please......:D:)

cyberspook Post time 2006-11-21 20:32:45

ok here it is , you should know that a 426 68 carger is my car , 426 is the engine capacity and 68 being the year of manufacture , it's not finished yet but I will in the next couple of days :)


My thoughts keep drifting to a girl that’s waiting
My heart rate quickens with anticipation
I know her well each delicate curve
I want her so badly it plays on my nerves
She brings back memories of misspent youth
Fast cars fast women fast bikes & pursuits
Adrenaline’s my weakness my drug of choice
She heard me coming my footsteps my voice
I open her up and turn her on
She comes to life with my favorite song
My four twenty six sixty eight charger
Detroit muscle there’s nothing faster
My troubles they fade with each passing mile
Not a care in the world I sit and I smile
I pull in the servo as the gauge reads empty
They stare at my bitch with lust & with envy
It’s back on the road as the light starts to die
The miles are disolving as I let out a sigh
I'll soon be home to put her to sleep
I kiss her good night till next time we meet

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