shaolin Post time 2006-8-2 14:30:45

Beware of an international scammer!!!

His first words are like "I'm looking for a girl seriously looking for
marriage" then later he will ask you for money, use you, then
disappear.  Please go to this website with his ugly photo:

1. This is Yuan Da Han (chinese name), also aka Muzaffar Bukhari Syed
on British passport # 761080622, also aka Muzaffar Shah on Canadian
passport, a middle-eastern man and life career scam artist.

2. He scammed me of 140,000 USD, leaving my factory in a very bad
financial state.

3. He asks his business partner to sign all paperwork and when he
cheats, he gets away with no documents in his name and the victim is
with heavy liabilities.

4. He has cheated a canadian woman of 1.5 Million USD, another of
300,000 USD, another of a purposely ruined factory, another of 50,000
USD, a
Greek customer of 13,000 USD, and an American customer of 9000 USD, and
me of 140,000 USD, and unknown countless others.

5. He goes online to look for women, and on his much beloved "business"
trips he goes and meets them and spends his business partner's money on
them. Hundreds and hundreds of women are known to be in his records.

6. He has tons of "wifes" and his first words to deceive the women
victims are "I'm a British foreigner and a factory boss and I'm looking
a serious chinese woman for marriage."

7. He promises to help the woman immigrant to canada, collects her
money and takes away her virginity, then runs away.

8. He is stuck in China without a VISA on his British passport to get

9. He cheats his business partner by saying he doesn't want control of
the business bank account as he is 0% investor but he keeps asking for
money which by law means you gave to him willingly.

10. He is an extremely smooth talker and will prove to you the obvious
things that he is honest and has no criminal records but all his
scammings are made behind your back and under the table.

11. Evidence against Yuan Da Han can be provided to any legal entity to
take action against him and give justice to all his victims.

Please send your comments to

tellmeso2 Post time 2006-8-2 15:17:44


This guy took $140000US from you or your company before you finally WOKE UP?
So...Who's to blame?:o

purpurea Post time 2006-8-2 17:33:51

oh, i don't believe it.

johnyou Post time 2006-8-2 17:38:30

any kind of thing might happen these days!!!!

fifi06 Post time 2006-8-2 18:08:10

lucky i haven't met him
and i am poor  ,so he needn't  cheat me

hearthome Post time 2006-8-2 21:25:25

It is incredible!!!!!!!     Good to expose such a scammer so as to avoid more women being cheated.:@:@:@

But sisters , please open your eyes wide ..............:o:o:o

tmphgt Post time 2006-8-2 21:52:07

I agree ...

That 140,000 US$ is a large sum to part with before you realised it was a scam!

Which part of China is this loser haunting now? Have you contacted the British Authorities to make them aware? Especially since he is a British citizen ... If he does escape China then the law can still get him in the UK.

The passports may, of course, be fake ... :o
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