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Vinegar versus Honey

GreenDragon, finally something that we can agree on wholeheartedly.

As you so correctly noted, whenever the rich spend their money - foolishly or not - they are creating jobs.  When this happens, everyone wins.

To all, I absolutely agree, China must "do more" to help the western part of the country.  I believe that the best way to achieve this is by offering incentives (honey) to our country's big industrialists and corporations - particularly by way of TAX CUTS.

Now, before you all skewer me, please hear me out.  A tax cut (or tax credit) to the rich, in exchange for creating development, economic growth and JOBS in the underdeveloped parts of the country isn't much different than what most of you are proposing anyway.  

The difference is in how the programs would be executed.  In the traditional way, the government would raise and collect taxes (vinegar), and then decide which projects to fund, plants to build, etc...  The problem with this, as we've seen throughout history and across cultures is that quite a bit of that money gets "lost" in the shuffle.  Not only that, but decisions on how to spend/invest that money are often motivated by politics rather than good economic sense.  Finally, as Green Dragon so eloquently stated, chasing away the people with money (or as I say, raising the cost of being rich) results in having less rich people.  A definite wrong turn.

Under my tax credit plan, businesses and businessmen would gravitate to the most ideal projects (the ones worthy of funding).  They would create jobs, economic growth and prosperity.  YES, they'd get even richer in the process, but who cares?  It's our job to create new ways for them to spend it, here in the East where they live.  Thereby creating even more economic growth for the country.

We have to get out of the US  vs. THEM box.  Everyone can win.

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Reply #1 deananash's post

Ha ha ha

i don't think i have much to add.....
but creating a complex tax and incentive system....
increases cost of doing business...
and add a lot of layers in a business...
making the rich loose control....ha ha ha

alas, unlike you amerikan turds...who uses such complexity to create new COE the tardy little red dot...your loyal doggie follower... it really necessary?

Green Dragon

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Is it fun digging out 4 years old threads, that have already been boring at that time and still are, and then spam it with nonsense?

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杨义成 and Nash Laoshi - Nash pleads "MERCY":

Alex, with all due apologies, this is important, so that's why I'm hijacking my own thread.

And then, if you like it, please send it to a friend.  I really wanna come 'home'.

Thanks for your time.

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Anything but honey in the west engenders are very bad reaction.
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