littlegun Post time 2004-2-10 09:56:44

love is what?

i always ask myself love is what? after three years,i founded it.
love is paying out on matter and emotion
do you agree with it ?

rolland_kang Post time 2004-2-10 10:21:49

love is duty

in this year ,I married,I thinkthat ,love is duty .

littlegun Post time 2004-2-11 11:11:13

it is a pity

i agree with you , thank your reply.
maybe , this theme is fastidium, because nobody came here to reply.

alexjustin Post time 2004-2-11 16:11:18

Love is too obtrusive and subtle too grip

What's love? Who can define this feeling? And love not just concern you and your beloved, but also your aspiration and purpose in life. Certain change in you can unbalance your love. Love is vulnerable and need special care, yet excessive attention may endanger your love. Letting love taking care of itself is insincere to your love.
Love is too subtle a feeling to understand fully

VALARMORGHULIS Post time 2014-8-26 08:06:08

Not just that ~simple to say ,Love is everything between couple~
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