slimdog Post time 2004-1-5 20:17:19

my view

i heard a exellent comment:

it takes one person one generation's time to become a nero-rich;
it takes one family three generations' time to become a noble.

newmexico Post time 2004-1-9 07:00:56

a true sad story


Guy - you can't help this woman.  The longer you hold on to the past the longer it will take to build a new life for you and your child.  Get away from this woman once and for all.  No going back.  Take your child and make a home filled with love and respect for the two of you.  That should be your only priority at this point.

Good luck.

slimdog Post time 2004-1-9 09:34:18


thank you very much for your advices,indeed ,i think so ,too
we are not involved in this misarable relationship emotionally,so it is easier for us to say so ,as for amer, i think it will be a little difficult ,otherwise he would not be hurt so much.

john-shi Post time 2014-1-14 13:13:08

readding this long long ago story, i feel sad and can say nothing
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