beijinggirl Post time 2004-1-4 17:44:19

u are a very curious person

no, i do not think it's right share my story with stranger. we can explore how to deal with some life problems together :)

lilith_yang Post time 2004-1-5 13:05:34

I agree with rocker

slimdog Post time 2004-1-5 15:14:22

i should give more details

the girl's family is very rich,indeed ,the family is a new-rich ,before ,the family lived famer's, just like most of the new-riches,the kids of the family are so spoiled that they are so arrogant so self-conceted .the family sent the girl-amer's es-girlfriend to europe just because they could afford it.

the girl did have a extrodinary big luxuous house,but she just wanted to hurt amer by all means she could imagine---making love in the same house with another guy seems a good choice---how genious is the girl!

amer agreed with the girl to share his house ,he told he wanted to still be a friend of hers his choice.if i were him i would kick them out of my room but i am not him.

it could be very easy for emer to find a job to teach english in china,and in fact he did ocasionally  ,that is why i know him ---he was my english teacher first,then became friends.the girl really did not like amer to work simply because amer is so handsome and so tall and so attractive .but it was a pitty she did not choose a right reasonable  humainway to treat amer.

how amer wished they could go shopping  and play together! this seldom happened,only when the girl felt she would really lose amer--so nice a guy.

by the way, the girl has a younger brother who is just around 20,what he has been doing is just to find girls and do them and go on to find new ones...he has money,or say the family gives him money .

in short i just want to say :THIS IS A TRUE STORY AND IT IS A MISARABLE STORY

slimdog Post time 2004-1-5 15:25:27

it is good

it is always wiser before drawing a conclusion to analysis what one have said with his\her own view present in for rocker ,she is such a girl.
i really WISH all chinese could use their ability of reasoning and be wise.
so ,would you please give your permision to me to write a post on chinese girls?

gunnyspice Post time 2004-1-5 17:56:34

advice from an older American

Amer should get rid of her and move on.  Ditch the witch.

If she truly behaves in the manner described, this woman will never change into a decent person, wife or mother.  She will always be a cause of great misery to him, whether he remains married to her or he divorces her.  She married him because she thought it was a fashionable thing to do.  Now, she is behaving in her normal self-destructive fashion.  An American saying is that the leopard cannot change its spots.  She will not change.  

It is unfortunate there is a child from this union.  Since custody of the child is traditionally granted to the male in Chinese society, the baby is of mixed blood and he seems to be the better person, he may have a good chance to raise the child.  However, if he cannot, he should still move on and exercise his visitation rights.  

slimdog Post time 2004-1-5 18:42:40


you are right that the girl who is a mother never cares about her own kid,now the kid is living with the chinese family,the gramdma is taking care about him,or say no one is looking after him because amer told me whenever he called his son the little kid was doing the same thing ---watching TV by himself.what's more,the chinese family always tries to cut off the connection between amer and his son.

now the mother is living in canada,leaving the cute kid in china.

firstlqy Post time 2004-1-5 19:54:53

I hate such person who show off the money from family and know nothing all.

The education for the new level of Chinese person of new-riched is a very important problem.I have got so many news about the young person studying abroad. They just waster time and be indulged in  the colorful western life and learn nothing, But when they come back, they still can find a very good job and earn much.I think if is very unfair. But the only reason is just  because of the money their parents have earned. The herione of the sad story provide a new material of the educational problem. I hate such person.
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