slimdog Post time 2004-1-2 16:45:16

a true sad story

    amer is one of my best friends and he is  from america.he is very tall and handsome and sportive and have good manners.his wife was a chinese whose family is very rich.they met each other in europe and fell in love.they went back china ,got merried and soon had a very beautiful kid who i think the most pretty child i have ever seen.
amer loves his wife so much although the girl just stayed at home doing nothing except watchint TV and cussing him. what amer could do was just looking at the wall and listening to her dirty words all the time he did not understand chinese except some dirty words because he had been hearing them all the time . aslo he  few people in the city he was living so he was very lonely.
amer decided to break the relationship and told her he had to leave her because he was treated like an animal,indeed, worse than an animal and he was going insane.
she promised that she would change and not cuss him any more .but only one day later,all the things were the same as before.
this condition repeated many times.once amer made up his mind to leave her and  went back america .his wife pursued him to  the airport in u.s.and persuaded him go back china again.
history repeated itself so finally they devoiced and lived seperately.
amer 's es-wife began to have sex with all his male friends and all foreigners she could meet in bars but he still loves her without reason.(maybe like what somebody said that true love has no reason )so he admitted at once when knowing she had no place to sleep and wanted to share his house in one mid night .
the girl came to amer's room with a guy.
amer gave his room to them and use a shafa for himself .dear readers ,do you think amer could go to sleep while the girl let out a sharp  exeggerate sexy screaming on purpose for almost all night when making love with the guy she took?
amer's heart was broken,he dare not to trust chinese girls any more...
this is a true story .

tuur_r Post time 2004-1-2 17:00:04

Unfortunately, things like that happen all the time - and worse....

..all over the world, by people of all races and both genders.

Let's hope your friend gets over it - and learns to trust people again - of any nationality.

babyshoes Post time 2004-1-2 19:46:37


Why his wife change so fast? i think they meet each other so romantic.their relationship foundation is very weak.
2nd, not all the chinese girls like his wife...

beijinggirl Post time 2004-1-2 22:16:37

why amer still lives in the same city with her

there's one point that i do not understand. why after divorced amer still lives in the same city  with his ex-wife? as  he has tried many times to leave china then why  not just move back to usa instead of keep suffering from his ex-wife??? i think amer needs a psychoanalyst and help him back to normal way.
life is not easy for everyone.but there's no reason cherish something which is worthless.amer needs to learn how to give up.
wise man knows when and where to stop in the right time in the right place....
obviously he is not wise enough just like me :P

slimdog Post time 2004-1-3 10:52:32

a probable reason

i asked the question to amer,he gave me several reasons but i really don't think they are the opinion is that he does love his ex-wife so in his subconsciousess he hope one day time can go back,this is the most probable reson .
you said you are wise,so do you mean you have a similiar story but a better result?
amer is not a real name of the hero in the is not good to use his real name ,so i chose amer(an american guy).
by the way ,im a chinaman.

beijinggirl Post time 2004-1-3 14:11:33

to slimdog

i do not know how u are going to help ur friend. personally i think he needs to leave china for a couple of months. he needs time to make things clear.what do u think?
my story is totally diffrent from his. but complex enough :)
i wish ur friend can get out of bad situation a.s.a.p.

slimdog Post time 2004-1-4 16:02:36

share with us your story

can you share us with your complicated story?
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