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Let kids become strong on politics

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As tradition Chinese people respect officials more than foreign counterparts! Sometimes we take administrator as parent who cares too much on our living! In China ‘politics’ is a serious big business which should be done only by VIP instead of us weeds-like ordinary citizens! For the state, ‘politics’ means ‘the government work' as that English dictionary claims. For a man, the same term (politics)should represent how powerful his head is on thinking ability for living!
The goal of schooling is to teach kids the basic skill on how to think and do at present and in the future. All lessons are prepared to train students to think in a smart way and do things with high efficiency!  This is the task of our politics subject.

In fact other subjects are also served for the general aim of our education. Mathematics reveals the relationships of numbers and shapes which is complicated on logical judging! Physics tells the known stories hidden behind the physical objects which theory goes like space-ship that takes you to a far-away place! ................

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