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Japan , South Korea banning Huawei, time to ban Toyota , Honda, and samsung

Perfect answers for Japan and Korea.
They got what they deserved.

tenith Post time 2019-2-23 10:15:56

Don't ban Toyota, Honda and Samsung. This is an outdated tactic.

Used too often it shows the lack of Chinese sophistication and creativity - always resorting to same old tactics. If technologically China leads globally in 5G, so too China must exhibit its psychology that's 5G equivalent, to be seen clearly as being well ahead of Japan and South Korea socially too. Market this to the North Koreans and Mongolians as well. Its a collective visual influence - the 5G and the way China responds to such protectionism challenges. Its essential that China's status in the eyes of the world especially Asia must not be remotely believed only but to be clearly, unmistakably and physically seen convincingly as the leader from every angle. China cannot buy its way to global leadership. This isn't sustainable. It must be earned. This has to come from the way China behaves.

Therefore China needs to use alternative tools. Of course China can harp the ban. Just short of execution. More essentially China holds forums catering to Asians, including Koreans and Japanese explaining why they lose when their governments ban Chinese technology even without China having to retaliate reciprocally by banning other Korean and Japanese products.

By maintaining an open market psychology in China, China is truly exercising an open economy rather than a protectionist economy. The results are clear that the Chinese from not being known for IT previously is now at the threshold of competing with the best to the extend that US has to beg foreign governments for support. As Korean and Japanese governments sing to the tune of US, its society loses as they start to open the psychological door of tailing after US. This will prevent future Korean and Japanese generations from leaping out of the US' shadow. Forever the Koreans and Japanese will never ever dare to compete against the US. This can become an unbreakable enslaved psychological chain. However the Chinese will still go on competing with the US and some day reach parity with the US. The Chinese will not only enjoy modern technology but more importantly the Chinese enjoy psychological freedom. At the top, the self-believe will be immense. At that point the decadence of the Korean and Japanese society will be irreversible. If today South Korea and Japan dare not say no to US, it never ever will dare in the future and this is definitely bad for South Koreans and Japanese as they are psychologically enslaved to the core. Another 100 years of psychological slavery - can anyone believe they will be free? Just NO WAY.

Premised on this, China should invite South Korean and Japanese scholars and entrepreneurs who believe in China's way to join China. There is no loss of national or ethnic pride. Assure these people that this is not aimed at destroying South Korea or Japan. Rather it is to save them for decadence. When decadence sets into South Korea and Japan, these people can then return to help their country of origin. For South Koreans they can have their bases in China. A better social mix by eliminating social prejudice against the Chinese in South Korea should be pursued by the South Koreans. Encourage the mixture of Koreans and Chinese both in China and the Korean Peninsular.

tenith Post time 2019-2-23 10:37:55

Actually the social psychology in South Korea isn't healthy at all. Its too pressurise where they don't enjoy the happiness in life.

The Chinese definitely enjoy greater social happiness on a daily basis than the South Koreans. This is something that China's government should maintain for its people as it pursues a 5G knowledge economy ahead of the US. Lead in daily happiness as well. The more happy people are, the more confident they become and the more willing they are to reach greater heights minus the negative social pressure. The K-Pop actually makes it worse for the South Koreans, hence the Chinese as they enjoy the K-Pop make sure the Chinese themselves don't imitate them. Just enjoy the music, nothing more. The K-Pop is definitely unlike the Canto-Pop and Mando-Pop of Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively from the fifties to the nineties era. The K-Pop industry as a whole does force certain degree of self-depreciating psychology into today's youth and this is very bad.

With self-depreciating youths, this can increase suicide, sex crimes at later stages of life especially sexual abuses in workplaces and educational institutions and inculcate other negative social ills. This will hinder modern social development and inhibit technology competition. Just study the psychological impact of the overall K-Pop industry.

It is important that China teaches its people to search for excellence unwaveringly but not to the extent that failure or losing cannot be accepted. Failure is not all that bad but to fail the same way repeatedly of course points to shortcomings of some sort. Failing and losing are part and parcel of life. Its a signal that something we do isn't right or the timing is wrong etc.. That's it. Don;t read too much into it. Focus on finding the right way even if one has to try it a hundred times. As people pursue excellence, they need to do so in their own comfortable ways and not by aping after others mindlessly like some youths having to dress themselves up like their K-Pop idols thinking that such dressing will automatically lead to success.

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Actually the social psychology in South Korea isn't healthy at all. Its too pressurise where they do ...
LOL! 5G isn't going to make the South Koreans any more happy. Perhaps if the  threat from the North is removed, then it could make them happier.

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LOL! 5G isn't going to make the South Koreans any more happy. Perhaps if the  threat from the North ...

The threat to South Korea is clearly the US.

Boston101 Post time 2019-2-25 22:15:19

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The threat to South Korea is clearly the US.

How you are sadly mistaken. ;P
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