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What is 熏 in Chinese

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The structure of the Chinese character 熏 looks quite special and complicated even for fellow friends letting alone to foreign learners!
This afternoon I stroke a fresh explaining to the word when I drove passing by that shop on which wall I saw it on the advertising board!
We may think that the character is composed of two parts which are ‘千’(thousand)and '黑‘(black)”
千黑? One thousand times of ‘making something become black’! Such as 'To smoke meat on fire! " ; 'The kitchen wall has been smoked black due to a long time of cooking here!
Most students have ‘swallowed’ the character as a whole Chinese date without the detailed appearance-analysis! It is a pity!

Interesting! 熏 has a twin brother who is 重.  About the latter, please check my early thread:
Why 重 means "heavy" or "weight"?

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