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Why does 疆 mean ‘frontier’?

The Chinese character 疆 is more complicated in structure which means ‘frontier’ or ‘boundary’. Why? 田 is ‘field’ that really looks like farmland where you grow crops which shapes are so regular in appearance!  The three horizon lines (specially the middle one )represent the boundary of the fields. The 弓 is ‘bow’ with which you shoot arrows. And the remaining part is 土 that is ‘earth’ or ‘ground’. Human beings often quarrel with each other about the dispute on the land-boundary issue for which they may fight against each other with bows and arrows! So the first part of 疆 emphasizes the war-atmosphere in the frontier area.

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Why 土 symbols ‘earth’?
We may think that 土 is composted with ‘+’ plus ‘一‘, the top part represents 'one single grain of earth’ while the bottom horizon line looks like ‘the ground’.  So the painting of 土 shows you ‘the dust on the ground’!

About 弓 please have a look at my early thread on 张.
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