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Sticky rice cakes, Gaungxi style

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Pictures from a small gathering making sticky rice cakes in Guangxi.
I only took pictures. Forgive me if I got the details of making this favorite Chinese dish wrong.

First you must steam the sticky rice.

A second pot for boiling duck after butcher.
The feathers and such come off much easier.
Never mind the word butcher. If you've ever eaten
a hamburger, or pork chop, or a chicken wing you're just
as guilty of having an animal slaughtered as any of us. At least
this duck was free range and had a happy life up until this day.

The pounding sticks used to make sticky rice must
have the rough spots removed so you and pound
away without worry of getting a splinter in your hand.

The lady of the house checks on the sticky rice.

Someone else gets one of the first batches of rice ready for pounding.

Two strong men pound the rice until it is a pulp.
Others tried for fun but these men had to take over
before the rice got too cold. It's an art.

The sticky rice is just about ready to transfer to the next step.

The elderly, but spry, lady takes over from here.
She did a lot of work for someone her age.

She removes the sticky rice pulp from the pounding sticks.

She kneads the sticky rice pulp a bit and rolls it into a cyclinder.

She then begins to break off pieces to make sticky rice cakes.
Another lady forms them into sticky rice cakes.

A batch of stick rice cakes are ready to be taken to cool off.

Finally, after all the sticky rice if removed from the wooden cask,
I could see what it looked like inside.

You can see, in the background, all the sticky rice cakes made that afternoon.

My wife admires the bacon being made in another room.
Her friend is stirring the coals used to smoke the bacon.

My wife takes a hand at trying to smash sticky rice into a pulp.
She doesn't have the hefty swing that is required. But if you want
to try, you're welcome to see how hard it really is to do this task.

Everyone enjoys a delicious meal after all the hard work.

kevinruud Post time 2019-1-11 23:45:19

acutally it is not the style of Guangxi, it is the style of many rural villages in southern China

voice_cd Post time 2019-1-13 15:18:17

Great pics, thanks for sharing. :victory:

robert237 Post time 2019-1-14 02:02:55

kevinruud Post time: 2019-1-11 07:45 static/image/common/back.gif
acutally it is not the style of Guangxi, it is the style of many rural villages in southern China

I'm sure you're right. I just had to come up with a title.

robert237 Post time 2019-1-14 02:04:04

voice_cd Post time: 2019-1-12 23:18 static/image/common/back.gif
Great pics, thanks for sharing.

Thank you. My wife was much more at home on this occasion than I was.
I'm a city boy, through and through.

kevinruud Post time 2019-1-14 16:11:50

robert237 Post time: 2019-1-14 02:02 static/image/common/back.gif
I'm sure you're right. I just had to come up with a title.

A misspelling, I have to point it out though.
Which part of Guangxi does your darling come from? It looks like the northern part, near or in Guilin region.

Chengking Post time 2019-1-14 17:01:38

I love these sticky rice goodies. Great to see how they are made. Seems to be a lot of work though.
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