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Neighbors join hands to save toddler stuck in window

Neighbors in a residential complex formed a human ladder to help hold up and save a toddler who became stuck in window railings, Qilu Evening News reported.

A 3-year-old child's head was stuck between window security bars while the body was dangling from the second floor of a residential building in the Linhai residential complex in Rizhao of east China’s Shandong Province on December 14.

Neighbors took immediate actions as soon as they were aware of the situation. Some offered quilts to prepare for a possible fall, while others climbed up to hold the child and relieve some pressure from the neck.

A truck driver parked his truck near the building to serve as a stepping platform for neighbors to climb up to the child.

The toddler was “stuffed” back into the room after joint efforts which lasted about half an hour.

The toddler’s mother, surnamed Fan, said she went away to do some shopping before the incident happened. She appreciated all the kind help from strangers and said she couldn’t imagine what would have happened without their efforts.

Motika Post time 2018-12-19 20:40:51

So the child was saved by his big head from his stupid prison break ;P

Saul Post time 2018-12-19 22:24:51

she went away to do some shopping:(

She should lose her child for endangerment.

Good on the locals for the help.:handshake
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