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Beverage vendors see steady climb under booming demand

The number of ready-made drink vendors in the country climbed 74 percent, with 410,000 stores by the end of the third quarter, thanks to booming demand for leisure beverages, online delivery and catering site Meituan Dianping said.

As many as 39 percent of consumers spend an average of 15 to 30 yuan during each visit to beverage vendors, up 7 percent from a year ago, while only 4 percent spend more than 30 yuan on each purchase, according to Meituan Dianping data.

On-demand delivery also flourished, with total sales through Meituan Dianping's delivery service seeing 87 percent growth in the second quarter compared to a year ago.

Female consumers make up the majority of the customer group of ready-made tea drinks at 75 percent.

The survey also suggests consumers like to be offered membership benefits such as discounts and specialty offers.

The major factors that drive consumers' choice for ready-made beverages include taste and the need to find a place to relax and chat with friends.

The digitalization of canteens and coffee shops would be a key step for supply side reform in the catering industry, Meituan Dianping senior vice president Zhang Chuan said.  

An average of 50 million cups of ready-made drinks are sold nationwide every day, and growth momentum will continue in the coming years. Meituan Dianping hopes to use its digital capabilities to help upgrade merchants' supply chain management procedures.

Meituan Dianping also suggest beverage vendors offer more convenience during the ordering and payment process, such as a self-service ordering system that allows a designated pick-up time so consumers can save the trouble of waiting for their drinks.

A wider adoption of interactive marketing campaigns through social media platforms would also help to attract and retain customers.

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