RoccoSiffredi Post time 2018-12-11 21:38:05

story of my friend

He is a college teacher and once went to Thailand and Nigeria acting as first President of Confucius Institute locally, then worked with the diplomatic teams of China locally (it is the mechanism of China to loan some hands from colleges around the country).

In those days when WeChat was not available, he returned to China and met with friends and talked to his wife who went with him as an escort in it is obvious he wanted to tell others he worked in a foreign country and could speak a foreign language others did not know, oh, my God, vanity like that!

Now on WeMedia days, he does not stop post anything related to the above two countries or the units he worked with in his Circle of Friends, never forgetting to remind readers that he had relation (past or present) with them. A male man like that makes me laugh and embarrassed.

kevinruud Post time 2018-12-12 11:05:09

If I really have this men in my circle of friend, I will tell him to go to WC
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