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Anti-smoking campaign at NW college goes viral

http://img1.zhytuku.meldingcloud.com/images/zhycms_chinaplus/20181206/ddb924f4-5206-42b6-b343-c2791fa98ec2.jpg?x-oss-process=image/resize,w_640(China Plus) A college in Xi'an has been gaining a lot of attention  on social media in China for posting signs with amusing slogans to discourage students from smoking.

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http://img0.zhytuku.meldingcloud.com/images/zhycms_chinaplus/20181206/3ad1d5a8-5b26-40fd-bdf1-ef95c00dcf02.jpg?x-oss-process=image/resize,w_600The anti-smoking signs posted at the Xi'an Traffic Engineering Institute have gained praise on Weibo for the humourous and down-to-earth tone, with some slogans writing "you won't find a girlfriend/boyfriend if you smoke and "– What's our slogan? – To ban smoking!

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http://img0.zhytuku.meldingcloud.com/images/zhycms_chinaplus/20181206/ccca5fd1-b4f8-4f06-905f-b61f9d5af515.jpg?x-oss-process=image/resize,w_640By doing this, the institute hopes to help students make more health-conscious choices as opposed to directly forcing them to give up smoking, according to university professor Zuo Chenxi.

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http://img3.zhytuku.meldingcloud.com/images/zhycms_chinaplus/20181206/b7a21674-dc4d-4a73-b645-07ab2fa2b801.jpg?x-oss-process=image/resize,w_650As the world's largest tobacco producer and consumer, China is home to over 300 million smokers, of which half of the men are regular smokers, and as many as two thirds of Chinese men start smoking at a young age, according to estimates from the World Health Organization.

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http://img2.zhytuku.meldingcloud.com/images/zhycms_chinaplus/20181206/a2c454a9-6290-4931-bc4c-2f89830d00d2.jpg?x-oss-process=image/resize,w_640Various measures have been used in the past to regulate and control tobacco use in public spaces in the country. In major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, various laws against indoor smoking have been introduced.

huaqiao Post time 2018-12-7 15:19:46

Good. The public is more aware of the dangers and harm smoking can do. There is nothing good that come out of smoking. It not only harms oneself but others also.

parcher Post time 2018-12-7 17:21:48

You will find a gf no problem, so that wont scare any man to stop smoking:lol.....
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