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What is 画龙点睛

I have turned one self-comment into one blog with title ‘Train kids more powerful than computer on thinking’ which is nice conclusion to the text!

This reminds me one Chinese idiom 画龙点睛:On the wall Tom drew a snake-like animal without eyes which seemed as dead as a piece of wood! One wise man came up and added two dots on(in) the head as eyeballs. As soon as he finished the extra job, the drawing became a real dragon that began to move and fly and take off into sky! :$

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In real life we may meet with many problems which need us to think over and over! It seems that we are always working the brain and try to find some way out. But in fact we are doing nothing since the head often works in low efficiency just as that bird doing all means to escape from the cage!----------Too many repeating actions have wasted us too much time!
That is why I prefer writing down what I am thinking about and do logical thinking on white paper with black ink leaving the trace of my thinking process! Language is nice tool for you to get logical judgement!
The last conclusion seems like the eyes to that dinosaur while the previous drawing should be what you have done for the main part of the creature!
(The Chinese fairy ‘dragon’ is almost equal to ‘dinosaur’ in my mind.)

(The main idea of this note is that writing can help you have a good thinking!)
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