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Take care of our own feet

Soon after waking up this morning, I noticed that my feet were still colder than other parts of the body although covered in the new cotton-quilt all the night! Why? Am I old?
I went on keeping myself in bed for more than one hour thinking about the reason and solution.
Dear reader friend, how do you deal wirth your feet? :D

SEARU Post time 2018-11-26 10:27:23

One saying in Chinese traditional medical science goes like this:“We should keep the feet warm while letting the head remain cool in winter. ”   ------------It is reasonable since the feet are the remote regions to your heart where the blood would lose some degrees in temperature due to long distance travelling in the cold weather. That is why our feet often first feel cold (not considering hands).

SEARU Post time 2018-11-26 10:54:44

It is freezing outside at night while the indoor temperature can reach 15 centigrade although without working the steaming system. In daytime I must wear ‘cotton shoes’ plus wool socks inside.
In reality, many youth wear thin shoes against cold winter. Sooner or latter they would price for the careless on their own health!

SEARU Post time 2018-11-26 11:06:28

Is it a joke? That saleswoman wears leather shoes plus beautiful socking for work reason while  nobody knows inside the socking she also has plastic bag close to the skin for warming!  How clever and practical she is! -----------She is my elder cousin who revealed the secret many years ago!

Saul Post time 2018-11-27 01:33:54

If you feet are always cold it may be poor circulation and may be a sigh of some medical problem.

Often people with diabetes have feet problems.

Cold Feet, Many Culprits
If your toes are always cold, one reason could be poor blood flow -- a circulatory problem sometimes linked to smoking, high blood pressure, or heart disease. The nerve damage of uncontrolled diabetes can also make your feet feel cold. Other possible causes include hypothyroidism and anemia. A doctor can look for any underlying problems -- or let you know that you simply have cold feet.

Hope everything works out OK{:1_1:}

parcher Post time 2018-11-27 11:29:22

go for a foot masage

SEARU Post time 2018-11-27 12:31:33

Saul Post time: 2018-11-27 01:33 static/image/common/back.gif
If you feet are always cold it may be poor circulation and may be a sigh of some medical problem.

O ...

Thanks for your great reply that is so professional on medical science! May I judge that you are doctor? Please permit me to make it into my blog for permanent storage!
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