dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-11 10:52:40

You are welcomed to share your long marriage love stories here with me my dear friends.:loveliness::handshake

dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-13 18:00:16

Today is my lovely wife's birthday:hug::P  I ordered a huge beautiful cake for her and bought her a very loverly dress.  We celebrate her birthday at home with my daughter's family.  Just want to tell my wife 'I love you all the time here & thanks for everything you have done for me and our kids.  I'm lucky to have such a wonderful wife like you my dear.:loveliness:

dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-15 19:17:02

My Dear forum friends, I sincerely wish you enjoy this beautiful beautiful Spring time with family!  I took my wife out for a picnic in our city today.  We took many pictures together.  Spring seems to be a season to spread & refresh love, especially for lovers with long marriage life like us.:loveliness:

dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-16 17:51:13

Does everybody have a nice Saturday today?  It's our family time here - three generations with daughter's family, especially my lovely lovely grandchildren offers my wife & I most special & enjoyable time here.  Busy time but full of Love at weekends - this is we really are blessed with.{:1_1:}

dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-21 10:23:17

My wife asked me today how come we have been married for so long without feeling  annoyed to each other?

'Don't you worry darling', I told her, it's our destiny to marry as a couple and have our big family.  It's too late to change our destiny now.'  Haha{:1_1:}:hug:;P

dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-22 16:28:25

Wet and rainy days make people sleepy.  My wife and I can't wait to fly to Beijin in two weeks time.{:1_1:}

dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-27 09:20:58

Yesterday, our Chineses friend inviteds us to go have dinner with them.  They all admire me for having such a beautiful and lovely wife who enjoys travelling with me everywhere and Looking after me with all her heart.  My wife and I looked at each other with some knowing expressions of satisfaction and appreciation.{:1_1:}:kiss:
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