dreamer62 Post time 2019-1-25 15:02:45

:P Love China and Love my wife:kiss:  She is the most valuable thing in the world for me so far, nothing else.

dreamer62 Post time 2019-1-28 17:03:12

Happy Chinese New Year to all my wonderful friends over there, especially those helped us with our honey-moon trips in 2018!:hug:{:1_1:}  Looking forward to seeing you in 2019 again

dreamer62 Post time 2019-2-25 16:45:21

My wife and I may come back China in April visiting Beijing, Tianjin & Guilin this time.  Time flies...:hug::loveliness:

dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-2 10:26:54

My 2nd grandson was born on yesterday on 1st March.  My wife & I feel so obliged of what we got so far. :loveliness:

dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-6 10:57:52

We will back in Beijin next month - my wife & I.  We'd like to spend more time trying local snacks this time.  The weather should be perfect by then.

dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-7 17:45:09

Happy International Women's Day!  A big 'Thank You' to my wife and all women for their great efforts and selfless dedications to their family.:handshake:loveliness:

dreamer62 Post time 2019-3-9 00:47:06

My friends asked me about the secret of my marriage in 30 more years -  It's mainly loyalty and responsibilities with heart.  I have never thought of leaving my wife, so does her.  She has become the most inseparable part of my life for years...:kiss::hug:
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