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What is 'home' in China?

In Chinese home is showed as 家.  How could this picture represent your comfortable house?The top of 家 really looks like the roof of house; While its lower part is 豕(shi)that looks like a four-leg animal if you observe it from the left side: A wild pig! You can see its head, legs, tail and what on the back is a wing-like thing that reminds me its thick needle-like hairs!
Why do you keep a pig at home? What's the relationship between home and pig? That has puzzled me for a long time!
Now I think ancient Chinese scholars  used ‘pig’ to represent ‘human’! When I am at home, I feel so free that I do act as a greedy pig who enjoy food and sleeping as much as possible! :P

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The article has got approval with any audition!:D

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According to some saying from the Internet, 家 was the early temple where under the ‘roof’ there was one baked ‘pig’ as sacrifice to the dead ancestors! -------------That was unique important public ‘building’ where a group of people gather together for meeting or worshiping while normally they lived in some cave in the mountain.
Now 家 is used to symbol the warm place where your family live!
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