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What is 'article' in Chinese?

The Chinese character 文(wen) looks simple but has colorful meanings!
----------Its whole imagine seems like ’man' with the dot as  ‘head’ and the horizon stroke symbols your wide ‘shoulder’ with which you could carry heavy load!
The man also has big stomach!??----------In China we often use the idiom 满腹经纶 to praise some scholar who is so knowledgeable and wise that as if his 'stomach' is full of Bible and poems those are enough for him to deal with any present problem!
Furthermore 文 emphasizes a lot about ‘legs'.-------------读万卷书,行万里路。To read thousands of books and travel for a long march to put theory into practice!
--------We have 文章 for article: ----------Then what is the meaning of 章?
立 is ’standing‘ or 'set up';
The middle part 日 means 'the Sun' which original form was a circle with a short horizon-stroke inside that looked exactly like the round star!
The bottom part ’十' shows the horizon-line of the ground and the route through which the Sun rises in the east in the early morning, so 早 means ’early' .
---------Our ancestor invented 章 as article who hinted that you must set up a fresh idea for others through writing as if the rising Sun offers human brightness!

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The text above has been missing for so long before I just now picked it up in the forum by chance. I was so excited that I took it as a failed post and showed it here in a hurry! Soon I noticed it has something to do with the following:
What is article in Chinese?
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