tenderloin Post time 2018-10-5 07:22:06

Nasty stuff, US Bloomberg fabricated a story China embedded a chip in server

The story says China military embedded a pencil tip sized spy chip in supermicro motherboard

Wow, pencil tip sized??  Give me a break!

No chip is possible with pencil tip sized!

Not even the top chip maker in the world.
A spy chip capable of communication is pencil tip sized is fantasy in this world!

Bloomberg shamelessly made a physically impossible object so people can't prove it or look for it. Size of a dusk particle!

US media starts to make up story now to support Trump trade war agenda, that's to drive out supply chain from China

With this made up story , US supermicro dropped 35%

In additionally, Bloomberg made up another thing Amazon rid of its server business in China because it's compromised. Amazon came out denied it.

Wow, with no technical people on its group , Bloomberg dares to make up a story about a communication chip sized of pencil tip or close to dusk particle!

emanreus Post time 2018-10-5 17:01:13

re:  " Amazon came out denied it."

  So did Apple.
Since they're so afraid of Chinese technology; why do they use it:o.

Boston101 Post time 2018-10-5 21:23:14

Of course they are going to deny it. In the meantime they have stopped working with Super Micro to build servers. And so will everyone else.

Boston101 Post time 2018-10-5 21:30:09

emanreus Post time: 2018-10-5 17:01 static/image/common/back.gif
re:  " Amazon came out denied it."

  So did Apple.

People are waking up and you'll see that they will stop using supermicro motherboards.

Boston101 Post time 2018-10-6 03:14:17

Assuming there was an active espionage investigation into the alleged actions of a foreign government, you can bet that only a handful of people at these companies will be even cursorily aware of the situation. U.S. surveillance and counter-espionage laws restrict who can be told about classified information or investigations. Only those who need to be in the know are kept in a very tight loop

tenderloin Post time 2018-10-6 07:44:37

I think that story is a total slander.
It says it's China military designed the chip. Wow
China military must be super high tech able to create such system on chip in such tiny area, it's chip design is capable to match top Western company standard.

Also, why they say it's PLA chip? Because that cannot be proven.
If it says it's China company then people can go on to comapby website to check for product information.

Blame it on PLA then nothing can be proven.
So, they create this story so nothing can be proven true or false definitely.

This whole thing is so ridiculous.

Boston101 Post time 2018-10-6 15:53:18

It looks like Amazon’s  move to sell off its physical server business in China last year was because the unit had been compromised by a Chinese government spying program.

One source at Amazon described the deal to Bloomberg as a decision to “hack off the diseased limb.”
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