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Chinese woman climbs 14 mountains with heights over 8,000 meters

As Chinese female climber Luo Jing reached the summit of 8,027-meter-high Shishapangma on Sept. 29, she became the first Chinese woman to conquer 14 mountains of at least 8,000 meters in height.

By the end of 2017, fewer than 40 people in the world had managed the same feat, of whom only two were women.

Luo, from Hengyang, central China’s Hunan province, conquered 13 8,000-meter-plus mountains in only six years, including Manaslu and Qomolangma. She is the first Chinese woman to reach the summit of Chogori and Nanga Parbat.

Shishapangma, meaning severe and changing weather in Tibetan, is the only mountain entirely located in China’s territory with a height of over 8,000 meters.

Luo tried to take on the mountain earlier this year, but she stopped at the altitude of 7,950 meters because of severe weather conditions.

Statistics show that by 2017, at least 25 people had perished while attempting to climb Shishapangma. (People's Daily Online)

Motika Post time 2018-10-1 22:07:10

next step for her is to make the deepest dives around the world ?

petera Post time 2018-10-2 07:06:37


I am not permitted to comment.

kevinruud Post time 2018-10-2 22:31:37

What does that mean?
What does the woman want to prove?
There are still a large number of middle school students who cannot complete a lap of running or who may lose lives in military training.
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