tenderloin Post time 2018-10-1 05:21:02

South Korea banned China 5G (Huawei, ZTE) following US, Australia, India.

South Korea Samsung and Hynix made alot of money by selling memory components DRAM, NAND in China.

China may label them as monopolies.

scruyaself Post time 2018-10-1 22:31:26

The right thing for China to do is this:

ALL nations that have no intention of banning Huawei 5G technologies and developing countries including African nations will get their 5G network installed at DISCOUNTED / SUBSIDIZED rates.

Why the bleep will they say no????????

scruyaself Post time 2018-10-1 22:37:01

When Chinese 5G network has become the de facto internet / communication standard for all developing countries those that are refusing to accept it will be falling behind.


Boston101 Post time 2018-10-4 20:17:03

And you wonder why?
Bloomberg reports that U.S-based server motherboard specialist Supermicro was compromised in China where government-affiliated groups are alleged to have infiltrated its supply chain to attach tiny chips, some merely the size of a pencil tip, to motherboards which ended up in servers deployed in the U.S.

tenderloin Post time 2018-10-5 06:16:09

Boston101 Post time: 2018-10-4 20:17 static/image/common/back.gif
And you wonder why?

Sized like pencil tip.

Never a chip this small. Packaging must be extreme.not even the top TSMC can make this small.

Complete fabricated story

Boston101 Post time 2018-10-6 19:19:38

It looks like Amazon’s  move to sell off its physical server business in China last year was because the unit had been compromised by a Chinese government spying program.

One source at Amazon described the deal to Bloomberg as a decision to “hack off the diseased limb.”

12dream Post time 2018-10-7 11:18:25


It is obvious now that the South Korean Govt folks have sold themselves to the USA Trump for a "trade deal" in favor to them by obeying orders to cede and cease China's 5G telecommunication technology in their own South Korea.

It is hoped that DPRK will never need to surrender its nuke missiles as a precautionary protection against unknown factors of both South Korea and the USA plus their allies.

With South Korean mounted US THAADS agianst China ( in the name of checking against missile attacks from DPRK ) ; and now coupled with a ban on Huawei and ZTE technologies, not sure how this will affect the trade relationship and diplomatic realtionship between them. However, South Korea can sell all their KIA vehicles and Samsung phones to the USA, it is supposed to be a fair trade struck between them while China and Chinese folks ought to be buying fewer of them beginning today: a fair GO trade; isn't it?

There are many millions better places to visit other than South Korea !


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