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Humor goes as running water

Yesterday a few  my former junior middle school classmates and I attended someone's wedding ceremony during the banquet we teased and joked each other for pleasure! After dinner we see Mr. Bian out. When he started the engine, I suddenly noticed that the trade-mark of his vest was ‘playboy’!  I pointed to it and shout: "In America the word means ‘bodgie’ that is not fit for you!”
The driver smiled with a light reply: "Bodgie? No age problem!"  (流氓不分年龄!)

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No age-limitation to become hooligan!;P

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When we observe the same old problem in a different way from before, mostly if in light method, that would become a good joke full of humor!
In Chinese old dictionary we had no 幽默(humor-phrase!  At that time our term 滑稽(hua-ji)meant similar to the English word ‘humor’. So 幽默 totally comes from ‘humor’ if judging from the pronouncation!   (滑稽 should means 'being slippery on reasoning‘).
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