pnp Post time 2018-9-4 13:54:19

What's the motivation behind this move?  State desperate for babies to make up for declining population?  Cooling off period might work to change their minds and produce babies to stabilize their relationship!

lostalien Post time 2018-9-5 11:47:01

ya'll making a big deal out of nothing. getting a divorce isn't such a big deal.
and if you put money up front then you are a lowlife because someone is going to be hurt.

people are more important than any amount of money

whitelady Post time 2018-9-6 17:21:36

parcher Post time: 2018-9-3 18:22 static/image/common/back.gif
cooling off until one is allowed to have their way


ocpaul20 Post time 2018-9-12 17:03:14

One month is not a big deal. Couples have probably been thinking and talking about it for more than a month anyway since it is for parties in agreement and not for disputing parties.
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