tenderloin Post time 2018-8-19 06:46:34

US officials making lies about trade war settlement trying to win Nov election

Now there's a report out of wallstreet journal that China US officials are plotting to resolve the trade war issue by November.

The reason US admin keep leaking out made-up stuffs and hyping up is their goal of winning November election.

If trade war progress forward it will harm alot of American interests, and cause them to lose November election.

US admin try to win the election first and then put foot on gas pedal after that on trade war, intensifying.

Let's face it, what Trump asking is impossible for China to make that kind of concessions.

What they doing is dishonest and manipulative just like Trump tears up the agreement between US and China previously. China officially say they do not trust Trump no more after the flip flop. Secret plot to resolve trade war? It's totally a one sided joke!

pnp Post time 2018-8-19 10:34:04

We know the Trump admon is full of liars; look at how the President lied and lied, flip floped a day after ageeing to something, can't be trusted!

1626548377 Post time 2018-8-19 11:54:30

If trump win the Nov. election then the americans are bigger idiots than I thought. :D

Boston101 Post time 2018-8-20 03:06:41

Keep drinking that cool-aid.{:1_1:}

wchao37 Post time 2018-8-20 14:55:19

The fact of the matter is that the Chinese government continues to send reps for discussions at the invitation of U.S. officials, knowing full well that only insults and lies await them at the other end when they arrive.

Yes, they are trying to feign making a deal to win the November elections, and won't truly negotiate with the Chinese on anything substantive.

So why keep sending reps to the U.S. while TW's leader pays an illegal visit to that nation?

wchao37 Post time 2018-8-21 12:48:30

No need to send reps of any rank to Washington because the only certainty is that any agreements reached would be used for the November elections only.

Once the elections are over, any results agreeing to a settlement would be scuttled like toilet paper.

I guarantee it.

wchao37 Post time 2018-8-21 13:56:18

Politics, not the bilateral trade imbalance, is what's at stake here.

That's why there is no need to negotiate with him.

Even the appearance of going to Washington at his invitation is counter-productive for China.

The public wouldn't see the small print about the words "at his invitation.."

All the world would see is that the Chinese are going to Washington and not the other way round, so they figure that the Chinese are the ones giving up on the situation and thus eager to negotiate.

That's why I say there is no need for China to send anybody anywhere to meet the untrustworthy real-estate man.

The chief reason is that the Beijingers, in their capacity as reasonable statesmen, want to have win-win outcomes in negotiations, but her counterpart in Washington only wants to hurt China badly even at the expense of hurting itself, and if even the mainstream American media (for a change as far as Western media goes) reveals the truth and condemns the real-estate man, he would just tweet that news against him are all fake and that other than he and his ilk, no other Americans could plausibly be patriots.

What he wants is not "American First," but his brand of "American rednecks and Z's first."  No one else matters.

So how can China negotiate with such a man, who had proven by his faithless action on May 3, 2018 that even signed agreements by him to avert the Sino-U.S. trade war are totally worthless?

There will be some oral agreements and even big smiles, but in the end the Chinese officials will only be used for the real-estate man's mid-term elections.

That's about it.
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