tenderloin Post time 2018-8-4 04:21:04

Trump wants China concessions before Nov election.

Haha, he's getting desperate, that's why he escalating so much in such short time.

No, trade war will at least 3 yrs!

No quick result for Trump!!

Boston101 Post time 2018-8-5 09:46:00

The PROC is getting desperate. Some businesses are already moving out of China on account of new supply chain shifts, better taxation and labor markets elsewhere. But the Trump tariffs pushed those thinking about the move over the edge. {:1_1:}

Boston101 Post time 2018-8-5 09:47:36

President Trump has done what any president should do – he’s made it clear that America will not allow the unfair trade practices that have led to enormous trade deficits to continue.

Boston101 Post time 2018-8-5 09:55:15

“They didn’t realise how bad the sentiment here is getting. They thought Trump was just bluffing and they still think like that,” according to a former U.S. policy adviser, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“They say this is about the midterm elections and things will change after that. They are totally wrong and they totally misread the situation. I feel partly this is because they have become more insulated, and partly because nobody dares to tell Beijing that they are wrong.”
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