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Why China should make trade war to last minimum 3 yrs(to buy time)

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One of the thing Trump wants is no China government subsidies for heavy involvement into hightech especially Semiconductor.

In 2019, China Nand flash, DRAM will enter production. Also 14nm finfet foundry by SMIC also come on board.

Give them the critical time to stand up.

Also the transition from Intel/window to domestic produced CPU and Linux system. it will take a few years.

3 minimum years needed.
No interference from Trump on this

That's why China needs to fight the trade war for 3 years.

Boston101 Post time 2018-7-31 05:57:45

Time to change the WTO rules that allows China to impose a 10% tariff because they are a so called developing country when in fact they are the worlds 2nd largest economy.

tenderloin Post time 2018-8-2 05:44:16

China GDP per Capita is only $8000, so still developing

Boston101 Post time 2018-8-2 08:50:03

WOW! {:1_1:}

President Trump escalated his trade war with China on Wednesday, ordering his administration to consider more than doubling proposed tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods to 25 percent from 10 percent, as talks between Washington and Beijing remain at a standstill.

markwu Post time 2018-8-2 19:07:21

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