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Trump is 72 yrs old, only few left in life, thats why he acting so crazy.

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trump already 72 yrs old, the oldest dude in US presidency history, older than Reagan.probably only have few yrs left in his life , let alone presidency. That's why he's so urgent in getting done. From NK issue to trade issue. Especially in NK issue, I feel he jumping the gun all the time. I feel his anxiety of getting it done. And add something great to his legacy.

He knows he only has few yrs left, that's why hes acting he doesn't give a shit. His last dance before the coffin. He gambles and bluffs hard.

Anyway, if this drag on, he could be dead already. Too bad.

I feel like those hardened guys aged 70s and 60s like trump, Navarro, Lindsey Graham, McCain, john bolton, Gordon chang lived through the height of cold war era dies, the world will be more peaceful. They dies off. The later generation will have less hardened attitude.

ChineseScott Post time 2018-7-11 16:59:30

Trump is very clever.  He is actually very Liberal.  He just pretends to be ethno-Nationalist to get support from his base, but then he only promotes a Liberal agenda.  This is wise. It's actually brilliant.  Trump was the perfect candidate to temper ethnic anger in the USA.  The majority have now calmed down and are no longer a threat.  This allows Trump to then further Liberalism to help make America and the world a better place. {:1_1:}
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