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Chinese university offers online love course for students

https://news.cgtn.com/news/3d3d514d7a636a4e78457a6333566d54/img/10b1c4efe9724ec09e4696acc3cbee56/10b1c4efe9724ec09e4696acc3cbee56.jpg(CGTN) An online college course on how to deal with love and relationships has become a hit among students.
The unconventional elective course, named Psychology of Love and Relationship, is open to the public and has attracted over 1.2 million clicks.
The course, offered by China University of Mining and Technology in Xuzhou, eastern Jiangsu Province, is developed by Duan Xinxing, a psychology professor and dean of the Faculty of Public Management, and his team.
After years of research and practice, Duan has found that failure in dealing with relationship problems has become a major factor impacting college students’ mental health, so she decided to the course to help students understand different aspects of a relationship.
The course has become very popular among students and was immediately booked out once it was launched online. According to The Paper, more than 600 students at the university have signed up during this semester.

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https://news.cgtn.com/news/3d3d514d7a636a4e78457a6333566d54/img/5b765947d177490c869086ac90a6d5aa/5b765947d177490c869086ac90a6d5aa.jpgThe university has uploaded the course online. / Photo via The Paper

Since the elective course is mainly taught through an online platform, the university had uploaded all of the courses to its website, allowing people outside the university to take the course. So far, the course has collected more than 1.2 million clicks and attracted 11,000 applications, of which college students account for more than 90 percent.
Unlike traditional courses in college which mainly focus on theory, this course puts more emphasis on practical experience. Interpretation and analysis of the practical examples in daily college life are introduced to students, covering almost all types of relationships in college, such as love at first sight, unrequited love, long-distance love, and even some sensitive topics like sex.

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https://news.cgtn.com/news/3d3d514d7a636a4e78457a6333566d54/img/4cba04d9fdfe434787379b4ffaeed6e8/4cba04d9fdfe434787379b4ffaeed6e8.jpgVCG Photo

Apart from online classes, students in the campus were offered an exclusive experience – offline training – in which nearly 100 students were divided into five groups, during a training session on July 5 in the campus. Each group was given a certain topic and everyone could share their perspectives on the problems they encountered during relationships.
It seems that the course is not only teaching students how to deal with relationships, but also helps them find their own true love. A freshman nicknamed Xiaoxin was one of the lucky guys who met his girlfriend during the class. He said that the psychology of love not only taught him the techniques of how to develop a relationship but how to get along with others and to better solve problems during a relationship.

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https://news.cgtn.com/news/3d3d514d7a636a4e78457a6333566d54/img/366e74336eb44607b04fedd2c9a808b5/366e74336eb44607b04fedd2c9a808b5.jpgVCG Photo

Duan said that many students who attended the class initially sought to learn about the techniques involved in a relationship. “If students learned how to handle all types of challenges they encountered in their relationships after studying the course, I could say that they’ve learned the ‘techniques’,” said Duan.
However, what she hopes most is that students can hold a healthy attitude towards relationships and understand the real concept of love.
In a bid to get closer to college students and understand what they think as she developed the course, Duan, among other things, spent much of her time learning about young people’s culture through watching trending TV series, films and reality shows.

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Love at first site. Unrequited love. True love. You Chinese are so silly. Its a bit funny. China will not believe in these things within a decade or so.

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His about limerence? Does the course teach students about limerence? About how we should treat our limerent objects?

Oh. What about Courtly Love? Courtly Love is the best loving.

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I think you Chinese need to learn about the sensitive topics before uni. In Australia they teach highschool kids about loving in PEPDH. The PE teachers do it. The PE teachers at the highschool I work at actually use plastic life size penes as props to teach the kids about this stuff. And I have seen the plastic penes and they are shockingly realistic. Having plastic penes at school for PE class is not big deal apparently here in Australia but then again I don't think a lot of parents are aware that these things are being used. Anyway - we roll out the plastic penes for the kids while they are in highschool here in Australia. China should think about doing the same. And guess what? I am packing a lot more than the the plastic penes that board of education handing out to students for educational purposes. Which is awesome. The state is saying to highschool girls - this plastic pene is what you should expect when you get a boys $%$% out. And have it covered easy. I'm pretty happy about it really.
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