theemployee Post time 2018-7-6 15:28:01

Need help impressing my boss.

I recently started my new job at this large accounting firm and really want to be on good terms with my boss. I heard from a lot of my office buddies that she can be really demanding and will usually assign a lot of overtime hours for employees that work hard. Since my wife just gave birth to our second baby girl, I really need those extra hours to earn more money.

Like I said, it’s a big company so the higher ups won’t really notice you if you don’t put in the effort or have been there long enough. My question now is, how do I impress my boss to get those extra hours? Any good tips for getting the attention of Lima women?

SEARU Post time 2018-7-6 21:23:15

Time and work-efficiency would account a lot to your success! Have a closed observation around and then decide what and how to do!

parcher Post time 2018-7-8 21:04:04

how about you just explain your situation? if she is fair and half as good looking as me (thats what my employees tell me)  you wont have nothing to worry about)

theemployee Post time 2018-7-9 11:49:32

parcher Post time: 2018-7-8 21:04 static/image/common/back.gif
how about you just explain your situation? if she is fair and half as good looking as me (thats what ...

it's easier said than done. Would they really give me extra hours due to my circumstances? they might not give me any due to the fact that, if they do give me extra hours, it would be unfair for the others... (?)

BlondeAmber Post time 2018-8-7 17:05:25

Do your work on time and demonstrate your efficiency and motivation.
Don't leave things to the last minute and be sure you understand completely what is required of you, and if you don't understand something, don't just ignore it.

Be sure your immediate manager sees how good you are.
And don't expect anything immediately - you have to show you deserve the responsibility.
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