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Why 'wish' has ‘scissors’ in Chinese?

Yes, the linking of the two components of 希 is good body-language of the special character!

Here, my ‘pen’ seems like the ‘scissors’ and the white screen is cloth-like paper on which I write one passage after another, then all of the notes would form a good article that I wish!

(The above is my reply to other‘s comment on my blog. Later I will post the original text.)

SEARU Post time 2018-7-3 15:24:31

The shape of 巾 looks exactly like a towel.  It reminds me another Chinese character 市: Its top is a hook and the horizon-line is one stick on which one piece of cloth is hanged down telling customers the business you are doing certainly through some words on it! So 市 is banner-like advertising board which means ‘exchange’ or ‘trade’!
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