imcurious Post time 2018-6-20 18:01:23

Can foreign brides be trusted?

I have known some fellow who got themselves wives from online foreign brides. I wonder if these ladies can be trusted enough and are mother-material for my kids. I want someone who can be a mother to my kids and at the same time, a wife to me. Are foreign brides capable of doing that?

Motika Post time 2018-6-20 19:33:18


seneca Post time 2018-6-21 13:47:40

BlondeAmber Post time 2018-8-7 17:14:04

why would a woman/man from any country outside of China be any less trust-worthy than a Chinese man or woman when it comes to marriage?

you are straying into the realm of believing tv and online opinions (which are all biased) than trusting your own judgement of reality.

lostalien Post time 2018-9-5 11:48:59

Dude! never trust anyone online for anything serious.  its all make believe.
do not expose children to someone you met online.  

chinese, american, or anywhere.

that's just silly.

allnightlong Post time 2018-9-29 17:37:22

can anyone be trusted even man or lady married

pigis Post time 2018-11-21 21:46:20

Foreign girls are as good as any Chinese woman
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