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What is thief in Chinese?

Just now I read a news report about how hundreds of college students run after a thief and beat him to half death before the police arrived!
The special Chinese character 贼(thief)is so interesting! 贝 is seashell which was the earlist ‘banknote' for humans in history; 戈 is ’sword or knife‘ that is weapon for fighting; the middle of 贼 is half of 大 (大 looks like your body with legs and arms strenching out!)-----------------The thief is stealing your treasures or money with knife in the hand who always hiding himself or herself as much as possible and it is hard for you see the action taking place!

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Joey-k: "Interesting. I've never looked at it this way."

SEARU replied: "Thanks for your appreciation! The construction of Chinese characters is funny through which I can realize our ancestors‘ wisdom!“

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"Under verification"?
It is strange to me that this post is under verification again! I have edited the first part of the thread!
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