lightengineer Post time 2018-5-30 17:17:19

Will you trust US again?

"TheUnited States will implement specific investment restrictions and enhancedexport controls for Chinese persons and entities related to the acquisition ofindustrially significant technology, the White House said in a statement.Thefinal list of covered imports subject to tariffs will be announced by June 15.Those tariffs will take effect "shortly thereafter."Proposedinvestment restrictions will be announced by June 30 and also take effect at alater date. USA always change their idea without restraintfrom Trump being president.1.     withdrew the TPP2.     withdrewthe Iran nuclear agreement3.     Canceledthe tariff to China, and impose a 25 percenttariff on $50 billion of Chinese goods again today. These actions make the business environment worseand worse. Currently many Chinese companies worry their business with US. 1.     Thesales director of one steel factory said that they already stop all export businessto US. 2.     DLLight (DL Light is Top 10 flood light factories in China) announcethat they have to evaluate the business opportunity with US. In the past 3years, DL Light export more than 20 containers 150wflood lights, 100wflood lights, T8tube light, 120Wstreet lights, etc to there. 3.     Asthe tariff policy is unstable, oneof China import companies which main import food from US is reducing the importquantity, and seeking the replace supplier from other Country. Will you trust US again?

emanreus Post time 2018-5-30 21:04:29

Plenty fools and brown-noshers around...
To answer your question, NO:handshake  

reedak Post time 2018-6-1 06:50:00

1.  As US President, the name of Trump is synonymous with the United States.  Let us take a look at the following interesting information about Trump:

(a)  In February 2016, Trump received a ringing endorsement from the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who told his white nationalist audience that voting against the reality TV star is "really treason to your heritage.”

(b)  In a 1990 interview with Vanity Fair, Ivana Trump mentioned that, at least at one point, her ex-husband Trump used to keep a book filled with Hitler's speeches by his bedside.  Trump actually confirmed it.

2.  Supranational agreements encourage stability and trust, because governments cannot break international accords at a whim.  Since his election, however, Trump has created the illusion of "making America great again" by tearing up all the international accords made by previous US presidents.  His “Make America great again” language is eerily similar to the rhetoric of the 1920s Ku Klux Klan with their emphasis on virulent patriotism and restrictive immigration.

He has a nasty habit of saying one thing then doing the opposite.  How can we trust an unpredictable man who is notorious for heaping dirt cheap flattery, making contradictory statements, breaking promises and losing credibility?

Mishao Post time 2018-6-1 21:03:04

You can trust the US to be exactly what it is in reality.

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robert237 Post time 2018-6-1 22:23:09

I was born in the US during the Eisenhower administration when the tax rates on the rich were 90%. Since then the tax rates on the rich have plummeted from 90% to 30%.
And that's not counting all the tax shelters for the rich.
The US is an oligarchy, run by the rich. The rich didn't get that way by being honest or charitable.
You must always keep a close eye the the Oligarchy of America.

DMZappa Post time 2018-6-1 23:57:35

And on the other hand, can you trust China at all?
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