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America's undeclared, discreet trade war against China

Despite its denial, crafty America is waging an undeclared, discreet trade war against China, as shown by the following blatant and brutal actions taken to "cripple", "strangle" and eventually "slaughter" many Chinese companies.

1.  The US Commerce Department on May 21 slapped steep import duties on steel products from Vietnam that originated in China after a final finding they evaded US anti-dumping and anti-subsidy orders.

2.  The US has launched a complaint against China for breaking basic patent rights rules at the WTO - a body that Mr Trump has said is a "catastrophe" and "a disaster" for his country.

3.  US government agents meet with hundreds of Huawei’s customers in order to brief them on the dangers of doing business with Huawei. These “briefings” are widely seen as blatant intimidation and few companies in the wireless industry have maintained relations with Huawei after sitting through an uncomfortable meeting with U.S. G-men.

Recent developments include:

— AT&T and Verizon where both bullied into exiting distribution deals with Huawei after Huawei spent millions in logistics and marketing but only one day before distribution was to begin.

— CFIUS now disallows any U.S. acquisition by Huawei.

— The FCC now makes billions in US subsidies off-limits to any company that does business with Huawei.

— Independent electronics distributors such as Best Buy have bowed to pressure and now refuse to carry Huawei devices of any kind.

— Eastern Oregon Telecom and LHTC Broadband are being coerced to swap out already installed Huawei infrastructure.

— U.S. diplomats have been busy abroad killing Huawei deals in Jamaica, South Korea, Australia, the Balkans, well, everywhere that U.S. influence and an airport exists.

— Western Mainstream Media has been destroying Huawei’s reputation by airing reports that the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the Department of Defense, and so on, are all issuing warnings that Huawei devices are spy-gear and a threat to national security.

So while there is monumental resistance against Huawei, there is no official ban.

4.  The House of Representatives last week passed a US$717 defence bill that carried an amendment, which forbade US government agencies from buying surveillance products from Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology and two other Chinese firms – Hytera Communications Corporation and Zhejiang Dahua Technology Company.

Hikvision, based in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, is the latest Chinese company that the US has sought to ban from selling products to the government because of security worries.

5.  The US bans American firms from selling parts and software to China’s ZTE Corp for seven years, potentially devastating for the telecoms equipment maker and exacerbating tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

6.  A potential bill to prohibit ZTE Corp. and other Chinese telecommunications companies from operating in the US would have supermajority support in Congress, Republican Senator Marco Rubio said.

"Most members of Congress have come to understand the threat China poses," Rubio said on CBS's "Face the Nation" on May 27 when asked whether President Donald Trump would sign such a measure.

It looks like Trump is "playing" the good guy, while other members of his administration are "playing" the bad guys.  Due to all the red tape and bureaucracy, even if Trump is really sincere in lifting the ban against ZTE, it will take a long time, perhaps years and decades, for the ban to be lifted.  By then, even if ZTE won't go bankrupt, there won't be anything left of the company.

Don't think that this is a simple undeclared trade war waged by the US to address itts trade deficit against China.  Behind the US blatant and merciless actions against Chinese companies, there is a hidden long-term agenda to reduce China to a Third World country.

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Nothing new here. The USA has banned China from the ISS, banned the export of Intel CPUs, banned Huawei from US government contracts, banned the export of US technology, banned the import of Chinese goods, etc. In fact, most of the US trade deficit is due to US companies outsourcing the manufacturing of their products to China and not due to Chinese companies exporting their products to the USA. That’s why Qualcomm relies on ZTE, for example, to manufacture telecom products based on CDMA, a US technology invented by Qualcomm. You name it — Apple, GE, Google, Ford, GM, etc. — they’re all in China.

But the US government can’t stop those US companies from investing in China while the USA is already turning into a Western version of India, a Third World country with nukes.

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Nothing new here. The USA has banned China from the ISS, banned the export of Intel CPUs, banned Hua ...
Thanks for your comment.

Well, there is something new anyway.  Unfortunately for the whole world (including the US), out of nowhere emerged a global hegemon cum political rookie notorious for his broken promises, loss of credibility, dirt cheap flattery, contradictory actions and words, etc.

Trump's "America First" Policy is reminiscent of Captain Shrimp Roe's "Me First" Policy in my "Political Satire: The Old Man of the Mountain (16)".

Here are two examples of Trump's dirt cheap flatteries:

1.  “Please do not forget the great help that my good friend, President Xi of China, has given to the United States, particularly at the Border of North Korea," Trump tweeted. "Without him it would have been a much longer, tougher, process!”

2.  “I have great respect for President Xi . That’s why we’re being so nice. And we have a great relationship, ....”

After heaping all the flatteries, the following is America's latest blatant action against China in its undeclared, discreet trade war:

(Begin excerpts)
Despite announcing a truce in the trade hostilities less than 10 days ago, after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said threatened tariffs on Chinese goods were "on hold," the White House signaled it was ready to pull the trigger on a broad array of penalties.

....The US trade sanctions announced in March -- including restrictions on Chinese investment, export controls and 25 percent tariffs on as much as $50 billion in Chinese tech goods -- remain under development, the White House said.

The final list of Chinese imports covered by the tariffs list will be announced June 15, and imposed shortly thereafter, while the proposed investment restrictions and enhanced export controls will be announced by June 30, according to the statement.

Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on an additional $100 billion in Chinese goods as well if Beijing retaliates....  (End excerpts)

P.S.  Trump called Xi "my good friend" while lavishing praise on their "great relationship".  Similarly, Captain Shrimp Roe shed crocodile tears over his impending extermination of his "dearest best friend", saying almost tearfully: "I can't bear to kill you with my own hands."

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Thanks for your comment.

Well, there is something new anyway.  Unfortunately for the whole world ( ...

Trump is getting torn between from two conflicting forces: pro-trade globalists vs anti-trade nationalists. The split in the Trump Team is what’s causing Trump’s erratic behavior. Add to that volatile mix is Trump’s need to satiate his own ego by pandering to his white working class base. So that’s why Trump says one thing in private and does another in public. It’s almost like a reality show made for TV.

Trump’s tariffs don’t make sense at all. Even US allies hit with the just announced steel and aluminum tariffs are aghast at Trump’s flip-flops.

As for China, Chinese officials don’t even know what Trump wants. It’s like dealing with a drunkard who likes to brag and then bitch and moan at the same time. Nobody likes to deal with drunken fools. And that’s what the USA under Trump is turning into.

Now is the best time for China to decouple from the USA altogether.

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Trump is getting torn between from two conflicting forces: pro-trade globalists vs anti-trade nati ...

re: "Now is the best time for China to decouple from the USA altogether."

I'm rather happy to see that President Xi gave Vladimir Putin China’s first friendship medal yesterday, as the two nations sought to forge an alliance against Nato and the West.

In a red-carpet ceremony inside the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Mr Xi presented the Russian leader with the gold and blue medal featuring a dove and a handshake. The event was broadcast live on China’s state television, with much fanfare. :handshake

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The free loading party of China's ways is over. China was never compliant with the WTO. Your turn to see what it feels like. China has a lot more to lose than the States.
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