worriedbf18 Post time 2018-4-24 13:17:31

I think my gf is allergic to alcohol. What should I do?

The other day, I was at a dating social and met my now current gf. I offered her some wine and it turns out that she’s allergic to alcohol. Her skin flushes red and she collapses on the floor with just one glass of it. I’m afraid this might happen to her again when I’m not around and I was wondering if there would be a way for me to give her some sort of remedy or medicine she can take to prevent her from fainting or feeling ill when drinking out? Any advice?

zhihu1 Post time 2018-4-24 19:16:04

A lot of people actually don't drink. Why does that become an issue to you or her?

1584austin Post time 2018-4-25 09:23:18

Getting a new one that can drink will cost you more to entertain, so do not fret keep the cheaper option:handshake

worriedbf18 Post time 2018-4-25 11:09:39

lol I'm not saying it's really a big of a problem nor am I looking for someone new.... =_=

I just wanted to know how to remedy things if she accidentally ingest something alcoholic and go in that state again... aside from doing the obvious of staying away from anything alcoholic, it's not like accidents don't happen, right? LOL

zhihu1 Post time 2018-4-25 12:42:57

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She has survived and thrived for at least 20 years so far.

RoccoSiffredi Post time 2018-4-25 17:28:55

Why do you need to drink alcohol with her? It is like asking how to cook pork so that Mulims can enjoy it, it is very ridiculous. Sorry to offense religious people, but it is not my point, you see. You can always fool around with your friends to this end.

Motika Post time 2018-4-25 23:58:47

If she is genetically Asian then she can not digest alcohol properly.
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