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Beauty of Classic Chinese Poetry

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Some of classic Chinese poetry are like meters and rhythe in English poetry, but way more strict than English.
1. meter-like horse footwalking

du da da dum dum da da  (one of horse the footwalking)

In Chinese, it is called "ma ti bu" which means the footwalking of horses. The hind hooves of a horse always follow the footsteps of the front hooves.

2. The lines are ended rhyme.

One of the formats is AABA

3. English poetry is on the basis of syllables, and Chinese one is on the basis of characters.

Each Chinese verse should live up to the exacting requirement of same characters from 5 to 7 mostly.

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4. The beauty of classic of Chinese poetry also lies at the systemetrical part of speech in the the couples.
For example,

the first verse: noun+ adj /adv + verb

the second verse should follow the same format.

5. The beauty of Chinese poetry focus the balance of masculinity and femininity.

Chinese literature admires the conbination of the masculinity and feminity.

The couplet features this. Masculine verse is called the upper verse; and the feminine one is called the lower verse.

The upper verse is ended with either tone 3 or 4.

The lower verse is ended with either tone 1 or 2.

4 and 5 are not available in English poetry.

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