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What is friend in Chinese?

First,let me make a joke about the English word ‘friend’ in this way: ‘Fri-end’ sounds like ‘free-end’ which shows that two strangers would feel ‘free’ in the ‘end’ when they become ‘friend’ to each other!

In Chinese, we say ‘朋友’ as ‘friend’.  How to understand it in a reasonable way?

朋 consists two same parts and each one represents ‘the moon’ but here which should symbols ‘body’. ------------Many Chinese characters related to your some organ has ‘月’ as ond of its components, such as 脸(face), 胳膊(arm),腿(leg) , 脚(foot), 脑(brain),胸(chest), 胃(stomach),etc.  So one single ‘月’ should mean ‘a man’.  Then 朋 should represents ‘two persons who are walking or sitting or working shoulder to shoulder’ as you imagine.

The appearance of 友 is quite special:Its bottom part 又 ought to symbols ‘one body’ and the lower part of 又 looks like the legs! --------That is why 双 means ‘couple’;  The upper part of 友 is same to the common part of 左右 that looks like your shoulder and one of your arms.  So 友 seems show that one person is sitting in other one‘s arms. -----------How close the relationship is?

Now you stare at 朋友 for minutes, what could you see through the Chinese painting about the warm human relationship?

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The Chinese idiom ‘左膀右臂’(your left shoulder and right arm)refers to your closed friend who often help you in life or work.  The 又 of 友 is someone and the remaining part looks like ‘arm and shoulder’’!----------- So 友 is somebody who could offer you one ‘hand’ when you are in trouble. ------------There is a dance named ‘Buddhist with one thousand hands’ in which the fairy-like monk could help countless people with her so many extra hands!:victory:
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