jamshots83 Post time 2018-4-11 15:33:35

How to impress her on our first date?

Man, I’ve never been this excited. The woman I met in a foreign dating event said “yes” when I asked her for a date. I’m smelling something awesome! But I’m not sure what to say or do since it will also be my first time to date. Don’t blame me, even if I’m 35 years old already, I haven’t experienced dating. So yeah, how do I impress her on our first date? Any suggestion? Please tell me!

RoccoSiffredi Post time 2018-4-11 22:10:17

If she is based in Russia and the neighboring countries, then you should stop and withdraw.
I know exactly why you are that excited, as any male animal does, seeing a female.

SEARU Post time 2018-4-27 15:51:44

Try to keep calm. Make instant reaction to her words or gesture but that must be proper and graceful if you think she is worth your future partner. Meanwhile you had better get ready for a possible sudden full-stop of the TV-drama since girl‘s mind is deeper than the sea!:P
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