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Post-00 Generation Teenager Akama Miki to Marry 31-y-o Teacher

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The story dates back to a decade ago.
A family in Canada hired a 21-year-old male piano teacher, a Chinese named Zhang Muyi for their 8-year-old girl Akama Miki in 2008.

Later in their music movies, the girl showed bold love toward her teacher, and this very teacher accepted her love and publicized their love on social media. At that time, the girl was 12 years old, and the teacher was 13 years her senior.

In April 2018 (or a few days back), both of them began their preparation of wedding, which was to take place on the 18th birthday of the girl on September 11, 2018.

A fairy tale or an immoral story?
Let us wait and see.

JimSlip Post time 2018-4-8 16:10:47

There is nothing unusual for an older man to marry a much younger girl.

But the weird thing is that when the girl said she wanted to have her teacher to be her husband when she was 8 years old, both the teacher himself and her parents consented.

If it was the case of a girl who has a bad disease that would bring the end to her life very soon, it would have been a charity work, but it is not, as far as the information available shows.

The girl is not even a half Chinese, with her father of Japanese origin, her mother a hybrid of China and France. At a young age for college, she chooses to be somebody's wife. Really weird.

kevinruud Post time 2018-4-9 12:07:09

yes, you re right, but she s not a girl of China because she was born in a foreign country and her mother is a German, and her dad is a Japanese, so she is a Jap by birth and a Canadian by nationality.

kevinruud Post time 2018-4-10 16:46:06

It is known to more people in recent days, but it was advertised five or six years ago.
I remember I made the presentation of the affairs in some adult websites of foreign countries when I was surprised not a little by this unbelivable matter, but it turned out those sites deleted  such topic and even banned my account for a while, claiming it was unbearable. I wrote to the admin explaining that I simply made this matter known for in-depth discussion but not for  spreading incest or child s-e-x.
So has the moral high ground of China declined?

RoccoSiffredi Post time 2018-4-11 12:00:46

As a follower of the WeiBo accounts and a music fan, I think the parents of the family are having very "big" mind in giving green light to their daughter for having an affair with a teacher, it is absolutely unacceptable to a decent Chinese family.
But still I can't fathom the bottom of the parents of the girl, could @anybody do this so that we can learn more about the cultural difference?
What does the girl do now? She is less than 18 and cannot work for a living in China, right? After her marriage, will she stay at home to give birth to a few babies and not to college?

kevinruud Post time 2018-4-12 20:56:41

According to the latest news, on April 9, the administrator of Weibo has banned the accounts of the two persons on the ground that the materials posted are not in line with socialist moral core values and the irrational debates with netizens on immoral matters.

Up to now, the parents of the girl have not made themselves present to the public and it has made the public doubt there are no guardians at all for this minor, because no parents in their right mind would have agreed such a matching for their one and only underaged daughter.
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