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What is 力?

The Chinese character 力(li)means ‘strength’ or ‘labour’.  Does it look like a man with his two arms raising up in the air while working?  I think so! -----------Why?  If you add two dot-strokes to 力,  that would become 为(wei) which means ‘do’ or ‘doing’.------------The extra two dots seem like the drops of sweat from the body(力) who is working hard! -----------This reminds me the hard period when I harvested wheat-crops with simple knife that kind of labour work would let me consume one kettle of water half a day! ---------Few days later my green jacket would partly become white on which you could see tiny grains of salt . How much sweating for the great job!

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Why does 男 represent ‘man’?  Its top part is ‘field’ or ‘farmland’ which needs strong body(力)to support for growing crops for family-living! ----------Certainly this labour work is usually done by man.
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