AnastaciaMortim Post time 2018-3-10 02:46:14

Western Wives for Chinese Guys

I read your excellent article about how Chinese men are turning to foreign women because we are not greedy and just want good husbands to marry.  I am an American woman, business owner and website developer and I created westernwives4chineseguy dot com.

to help Chinese men find true love. Many American women are tired of lazy American men who won't commit and support us and our children.  I have many American and Canadian female friends who want to date and marry Chinese men.  Please join us!

BlackholeofTime Post time 2018-3-21 11:28:31

The cross-culture is hard for most Chinese guys.
as you know, only little Chinese man can communicate with western women smoothly and how could they make a happy couple life always?!
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