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Can China achieve high-quality growth?

Over the years, China used GDP growth as its main measure of success. But it caused serious problems – such as environmental damage, inequality, excessive debts, overcapacity, and corruption – to flourish. During this year's two sessions, shifting toward “quality growth” is at the top of the country’s policy agenda.  Premier Li Keqiang has announced a target for economic growth this year at around 6.5 percent. Is China on the way to high quality growth? What is critical to China’s reaching its goal of high-quality growth?

Edson Post time 2018-3-7 14:29:03

China’s leaders have demonstrated a willingness and ability to sacrifice economic growth for the good of  the environment and improvements in quality of life. It will not be easy to realize the high-quality growth, but China is on the right track.

huaqiao Post time 2018-3-7 15:25:21

High quality growth is about a mindset and lifestyle change. It is not just about technological progress or being the first or the best. It is about being civil and caring, and not about trying to get rich quickly at the expense of others. The mindset of the people must learn to accept it before it can take root. Areas to look into are:

1) education
2) technological, scientific inventions and innovations
3) caring of the aged and lonely such as a good, fair and sustainable welfare system; and better homes for the aged.
4) clean air
5) good clean water
6) safety

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