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An unforgettable memory with family members recently

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    I remember two years ago, at the first day of the Chinese New Year( in Chinese it is called” Chu Yi”), I had an argument with my mother. Actually it was my fault. As a daughter, I shouldn’t shout to my mother, it was the bottom line. However, at that time, I have just enrolled my university, thus I considered myself an adult and I didn’t accept my mom’s ideas readily. I thought that I hurt my mom badly.  Because that she considered for me and shared most of her experiences with me. She wanted that I could do the beneficial things for myself, but not be controlled by the wrong attitude. Finally, to my surprise, she didn’t blame my fault anymore and began to convey her thinkings to me patiently until 2 a.m. Suddenly, I realized that she never try to put her ideas on me forcelly. All of my misunderstandings of her was because that I was immature at all. Although it was a night full of tears and argument at the beginning, I communicated with my mom and recognized my problems in the end. My mom taught me a valuable lesson which can not be provided by any
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