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More chances, more choices!

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What could you feel when you have a close look at the character 方(fang)?
Its head is  ‘dot’, that maths teacher told me there are countless points in the line which has unlimited length!;
The remaining part is 万 that means ‘ten thousands’.
-------------What is the relationship between one ‘dot’ and ‘thousands’?  Yes, you could draw many many lines from one point! Just as from one tiny bulb countless light-rays goes in all directions! ----------You need a good sense of imagination on space in the maths class.

In Chinese 方 means ‘direction’. Who invented this character? He must have a good brain on maths!

When in frustration,  I feel that I am in the crossroads where I must make a direction-choice: To turn right or left or go on straight?
But the special word 方 could offer me more chances for direction! -------------I may be also allowed to take off into the sky just as plane or go down under the ground like miner who digs coal!

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I had one thread on 向.  In Chinese 方向 means ‘direction’.
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