teachingchinese Post time 2018-2-16 14:16:46

Come to hear my song

Click the under line come to hear the song which i sung "Yesterday once more"

dostoevskydr Post time 2018-2-16 15:20:23

SIMON COWELL will say , " You can't sing".......:lol

fantcy Post time 2018-2-22 18:09:09

It sounds good{:1_1:}

mixamixa Post time 2018-2-23 04:35:10

The only thing missing here is a howling dog :D

parcher Post time 2018-2-24 13:41:59

dostoevskydr Post time: 2018-2-16 15:20 static/image/common/back.gif
SIMON COWELL will say , " You can't sing".......

99% cant sing either on his shows
yrs ago only the talented made it to the top

parcher Post time 2018-2-24 13:44:54

Who wants to hear me sing 'mei na me jian dan?'
i have mastered half of the song so far{:1_1:}

1584austin Post time 2018-2-24 18:27:03

For a Chinese person to sing an English song as well as you I give you praise:handshake

Please don't give up your day job though:D
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