imyourdateguy Post time 2018-2-12 16:25:08

How to impress her on our first date? Need advice!

First dates are important. It plays an important role in finding the partner everyone wishes to have. And doing our best in our first date is essential. Now, how do I impress my girlfriend on our first date?
I have known Melissa for just a week. Just recently, I joined AFA’s Romance Tour in Shenzhen, China. We got along fast, he is fantastic. Based on our initial conversation in the tour which lasted for only 5 minutes, I knew she is interesting. She allured me with her smile. Everything about her is tempting.
After the affair which ended last week, I called her and invited her for dinner. This will be our first dinner together, or let’s say our first date. She doesn’t know that I came back from the States. So, I plan to surprise her.
I’m here to ask y’all what should be my actions in our date. Should I just be myself? Or should I follow those tips given in the internet? I’m a little bit nervous now… she is special and I want that night to be more special. Thanks for your responses!

BlackholeofTime Post time 2018-3-21 11:36:33

a dinner date is critical for u to know her table manners,and collect some information of her background!!

HailChina! Post time 2018-3-26 20:32:50

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